1.       We Are Flexible. Study from anywhere in the world! You can study our top academic programmes without leaving your home country. You can even sit your exams from almost anywhere in the world.

2.       Our Lectures and Tutors are highly qualified and experienced.

3.       Our Courses and Programs are self-paced. You can start when you want and finish on your own suitable timing.

4.       Prepare for your future. Our courses are up-to-date, unique and relevant both now and in the future. We provide a wide range of courses that can enhance your employability and applicability in the modernised world.

5.       ICCSR is not a degree mill!

6.       ICCSR is not a laptop university.

7.       We provide high quality education and advanced expertise.

8.       Affordability. Our courses are designed to educate students with economic challenges having a payment plan where necessary.

9.   We advocate and facilitate adult literacy and educational advancement


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