Frequently Asked Questions


Are your fees affordable?

Yes! Fees are adjustable and affordable where our students can be encouraged to be a part of academia. Be the next generation world leaders, critical thinkers and developers as we forge forward in the pursuit of achievement.

Are the requirements purely academic?

Our course requirements are a combination of qualifications and adequate field experience so that all of our prospective students are afforded the opportunity to succeed.

Can I study at my own pace?

Yes. We have composed our courses with a working knowledge of our students who may be employed and may have a family to attend to. We offer the opportunity to study offline with a combination of technological tools to assist.

Are my tutors/lecturers qualified?

Every tutor is selected based on their qualifications in the required subject area, adept delivery of subject content, and their ability to achieve positive results.

Do I have to attend any on campus courses?

No. All of our courses are offered offline where you can study in your personal space and on your time.

Are the lecturers qualified?

Yes! Our lecturers and tutors have qualifications from top universities around the world.

How do I apply?

Step 1: Click on Academics and select the relevant course(s) by clicking "add to cart"
Step 2: Click on Proceed to checkout
Step 3: Complete the billing details
Step 4: Select payment method i.e. Bank transfer or Paypal and click "place order"

You will receive order and/or payment confirmation via email.